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About the Program


Our goal is to expose students to principles and concepts which are developed overtime. Our program is based on video re-enactments of real world scenarios highlighting the interpersonal and professional skills employers require.

Because Soft Skills are developed over time, we don’t expect our students to “get it” the first time through. To that end, our program is based on 100% completion, not pass/fail. The student must answer question number one correctly before the software will unlock question number two and allow the student to continue. If the student selects an incorrect answer the host, or the Subject Matter Expert, will reappear on the screen and explain the problem again and point out the correct answer. The student must then select the correct answer to continue.

We believe this methodology removes the competitive nature and stress associated with taking a “test” and allows the student to relax and absorb the information. The built-in interactivity and games are designed to keep the student actively engaged in the learning process while reinforcing the learning objectives presented in each module.


Our Soft Skills program is a cloud-based application using the latest in online video delivery technology to facilitate an interactive-learning experience for the user. It features a database infrastructure that tracks the user’s progress, delivers training certifications, and allows the user to complete the training at their pace, when, and wherever they would like.

Client List

We currently have three Soft Skills Modules online and in use by 33 San Bernardino County School Districts, Cal Poly University, several Non-Profit Organizations and Work Force Development agencies.

Company Contact Information

Ron Mathews, Lead,
Alan Cook, Producer,

32547 Via Perales, Temecula, Ca. 92592-8147

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