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The lack of Soft Skills among potential and existing employees is a significant problem for local businesses. Providing Soft Skills training for High School and College / Career path students will pay immediate dividends by creating a better trained workforce in California.


Unemployment numbers among young American’s across the country have reached critical levels with little hope for near term improvement. The economy has slowed and job prospects have fallen dramatically, especially among the 18-24 age group. African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans are dropping out at record rates.

Business owners and human relations experts agree that young people attempting to join the workforce are missing basic training and knowledge that ranges from appropriate work attire to interpersonal skills. Simply put this group does not understand what the employer expects of them in addition to whatever professional skills they might bring to the workforce.

The survey conducted by Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in 2013 of over 780 California based businesses indicated that 76.3 % of businesses represented in the study consider Soft Skills to be of equal importance to ICT or CTE certifications

Our target audience is 18-24 year old students seeking entry-level positions for the first time. However, our program is also applicable for people of any age who have tried the job market and either lost a job or were never hired.

Historically, the presumption has been this group lacks the formal education required to survive the workplace, but a study conducted by the New York Community Service Society indicates that students with some college or an Associates Degree suffered the largest absolute increase in their unemployment rate between 2006 and 2009 from 4.7 percent to 11 percent; an increase of 6.7 percent.

More recently the University Of California Board Of Regents released a study that indicated 54% of recent UC graduates were unemployed or underemployed two years after graduation.

These studies clearly indicate something besides formal education is missing from our workforce development programs. The study conducted by ICT clearly indicates Soft Skills is that missing component.

After three years of independent research we would narrow the issue even further and suggest it’s not a lack of Soft Skills, it’s a lack Soft Skills that operate at a level appropriate to a business environment. Most of the emerging workforce is coming out of high school or college where the majority of their lives is spent in one form of emotional turmoil or another and they have developed Soft Skills appropriate to that environment. Upon graduation we expect them to enter the job market with a skill set they don’t even realize they don’t have.

Our Soft Skills training program is designed to compare and contrast the world our students are living in to the world they are about to enter.

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We currently have three Soft Skills Modules online and in use by 33 San Bernardino County School Districts, Cal Poly University, several Non-Profit Organizations and Work Force Development agencies.

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